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    Focusing on the Implementation of Enterprise-School Cooperation in Confronting the Epidemic

    In the morning of May 9, Wang Zhenhua, Deputy Administration Manager and Xu Zhidian, Production Director, Secretary of Party Branch and Chairman of the Labor Union of Juwenlee (Fujian) Cosmetics Co., Ltd., came to Jinshan Central Primary School, Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone, donating 500 boxes of antimicrobial soap to the school as a support for the successful resumption of study and work for students and teachers there as well as for their health and daily prevention and control of the epidemic.

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    Tax Policies Focusing on "Four Actions" for Confronting the Epidemic and Promoting the Development Publicized to Juwenlee

    On April 24, 2020, Lin Tongyuan, Director of the 1st Branch, Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone Tax Service, State Taxation Administration, leading several young civilized officers of the Branch, visited our Company and publicized tax policies focusing on "four actions" for confronting the epidemic and promoting the development, Wang Zhenhua, Deputy Administration Manager, Zhang Xiuqiong, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Xu Zhidian, Secretary of Party Branch and other staff warmly welcomed them and participated in the activity.

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    A Good News | Our Company Has Been Awarded the Honorary Title of "Major Contributor to Economic Development" of Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone in 2019

    Recently, Decision on Commendation of "Outstanding Contributor to Economic Development", "Major Contributor to Economic Development" and "Major Taxpayer" in 2019, which is printed and issued by Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone, states that Juwenlee (Fujian) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. has paid RMB 57,100,000 Yuan in total tax in 2019, winning the honorary title of "Major Contributor to Economic Development".

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    Leaders from Management Committee Visited Our Company to Investigate and Survey the Resumption of Work and Production

    During the epidemic, Chen Yizhang, Director of Taiwanese Investment Zone Management Committee, Zhao Feng, Vice Secretary of Party Working Committee, Xu Weilin, a PWC member and leaders from related sections and bureaus successively visited our Company, examined in depth, learned about our prevention and control work of epidemic as well as the resumption of work and production, put forward proper guidance on work to ensure such two things are well carried out, accompanied by Lin Jianping, General Manager and Wang Zhenhua, Deputy Administration Manager of the Company.

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    Announcement on Access Number Upgrade of Name and Address Information Service

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    Actions Taken by Luo Lih-Fen Holding to Confront COVID-19

    Luo Lih-Fen Holding donated RMB 660,000 Yuan to China Charity Federation through the listed company, Juwenlee (Fujian) Cosmetics Co., Ltd.; its employees and dealer representatives donated a sum of RMB 124340.52 Yuan to China Charity Federation; donated 16000 masks to COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Post of Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone and 5000 masks to Xiamen Red Cross Society.

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    Congratulations on Our Companys Passing the Authentication for National High-tech Enterprises and Acquisition of the Certificate

    The first good news in 2020! After being selected as a "2019 Fujian Provincial High-tech Enterprise", we again passed the authentication for national high-tech enterprises.

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    Luo Lih-Fen Groups "Heart-warming Visits in the Thanksgiving Month" Activities

    As the year comes to a close, Lin Jianping, General Manager, Wang Zhenhua, Deputy Administration Manager, Xu Zhidian, Chairman of the Labor Union and other senior management of Juwenlee (Fujian) Cosmetics Co., Ltd., leaders from CPC Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone Non-public Enterprise Committee, Health and Family Planning Committee and other related departments and villagers committee leaders, went to Baiqiao Village, Hongjian Village, Jinshan Village of Jiaomei Town, Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone together, visited the poor families and the elderly persons who live alone without children and spouse, bringing them edible oil, rice and other relief goods as well as caring red pocket money for a warm and harmonious spring festival.

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